Brian “Terowe” Webster

About Me

When I was four years old, my father sat me down with a chess board and lined up the pawns. He taught me to use pawns with a few simple rules. For a week, he sat me down with pawns and we played a few rounds of pawn chess. Then he brought out a rook, then a bishop, then a knight. Before long, I had a full army to face his. And I lost…a lot. At first I lasted four moves, then six moves, then eight moves. It was a long road to mastery, a road I am still on to this day. But my father instilled two loves in me with those lessons: a love for teaching, and a love for games.

I grew up in the age of The Oregon Trail, The Muncher Series, Carmen Sandiego, and The Super Solver Series. Companies like MECC and the Learning Company were cranking out fun, creative, mind challenging games for children and I was absorbing them. I also grew up in the age of Mario, Sonic, and Mega Man though I still had some connection to the arcades from the days of old. The schoolhouse was where I went to learn. My computers and consoles were where I went to train. From Mathematics, English, and History, to Problem Solving, Logic, and Focus Control, the digital world was where I went to sharpen my skills. The right video game can be a unique escape, an engrossing adventure, and a chance to develop mastery. Technology was good for me because I used it constructively.

Fast forward to 2016 and I was a teacher working in the New York City Department of Education. As I looked around at the software that students were engaging in I missed that fun and flair that was so present in years past. My students only feigned interest in the digital activities we put in front of them. As soon as they had an unguarded moment, they were trying to find their way onto some other game online. Not necessarily the most up to date advanced 3D games either, but games that felt like games instead of tests with pictures and time limits. They wanted to play against each other, have the same competitive combat they enjoyed on their consoles at home. I looked for quite a while and nowhere did I find a company that offered opportunities like that. So I vowed to do something about it and here is the result: Terowe Systems.

At the center of Terowe Systems is a need to challenge, explore, and expand the minds of the masses through engaging, mind-straining entertainment.  At the center of Terowe is my wife, Stacie, the amazing woman who gave me the courage to start this venture.She completed me. Thus, in essence, she created Terowe. We earnestly hope that Terowe Systems can provide hours of entertainment and opportunities to connect with your family, your class, and yes even yourself.We hope to help individuals reach unrealized and untapped potential.